Respecting the Office of the US President Doesn’t Require Endorsing the Behavior of the Person Holding the Position

August 28, 2018

Mr. Tiger Woods                                                                                                                              Any Renowned Golf Course, USA


Dear Mr. Woods,

As someone who highly esteems you because of your professional achievements and, more, for the relentless ways you confronted personal demons to rebuild your life after cracking foundations nearly demolished the whole structure, I can’t believe you publicly excuse Trump’s anti-immigrant policies and his love for white supremacists, which of necessity means hatred of people of color.  Perhaps you have no close connections to

Condemning policies of Trump when they are demoralizing and causing physical harm to your fellow Americans is not disrespectful to the Office of the President.

immigrants or, say, Black people.  No wait!  Do you not realize the help a simple paragraph from you condemning Trump’s policies could do?  Had your own mother originally tried to enter the US today, she might be waiting in a Homeland Security cage to be processed.  And Trump’s racism stirs the killing of innocent, unarmed Black youth in the streets by police who will never be prosecuted; you might have been a frightened Black kid coming out of a convenience store and running when police chased you for you-can’t-imagine-what, and the wrong policeperson at the wrong time wanting fame and Trump’s approval might have shot you–leaving an arm or a hand or heart nonfunctional.

Trump talks with Tiger Woods after he captured the 2013 WGC-Cadillac Championship PGA golf tournament in Doral

The Office of the US President is not a person; it is a political position filled by a person, a person like the rest of us.  When she or he acts in unbecoming ways, we do not OK them because they were done by the president.  In fact, because of the Office we hold the person in the role to the highest of standards.  You could have condemned and you still can condemn the policies of Trump when they are demoralizing and causing physical harm to your fellow Americans.  This is not disrespectful to the Office of the President; in fact, it would be one of the most respectful moves you could make.


David Albert Farmer


Trump’s Biracial Child…which doors did Trump’s doorman open?

Seven years ago, comic Tracy Morgan had people laughing at his claim that Trump, no apprentice to illegitimate sexual arrangements, fathered a child whose mother is a person of color.  Now, plenty of interested parties want to know if there could be more to such an assertion than comedic gold.

If Trump has another child or other children running around somewhere, we extend our deepest sympathies to her or him or them.

If there is a child born to a woman whom Trump did not marry, and let’s go with the only one theory for now, and that mother is a person of color, we have to hope that

  1. she consented to have sex with Trump, her employer
  2. she has been well-compensated from the get-go
  3. the child has been loved and well cared for all these years on Trump’s or Putin’s dimes or kopeks
  4. she or he, the child, didn’t know until adulthood the identity of her or his white-supremacist father

In the larger picture, we also hope that

  1. Mrs. Trump no longer or never did expect her husband to treat her as other than someone deserving of disloyalty and humiliation
  2. the court jester, RUDE-y Giuliani, chokes on his own saliva the next time he implies that Ms. Clifford is a less principled person than Trump because she has sex in front of cameras
  3. Bill Clinton brings together “all” Trump’s illegitimate sex partners in front of Clinton’s family and international television audiences
  4. white supremacists whose asses Trump loves to kiss (male and female) are enraged at Trump though they publicly deny he would dare to have physical contact of any kind with an n-word (their language, not mine).tracy-morgan

Self-important, Megalomaniac Trump thinks because Aretha Franklin was a woman of color that he can only describe her as someone who “worked” for him.

BUSH FRANKLINIf Ms. Aretha Franklin had not been a person of true greatness who will live on as long as American music has a history, the words of a racist misogynist cad would desecrate.  But he will be forgotten or only recalled when it’s time to laugh at how low a US president who lost the popular vote even with Russia’s excellent help would continually go to remind everyone, mostly himself, how important he is.

She earned her right to be treated and remembered with dignity through raw talent, finely tuned, and uniquely performed from her first performance until her last.  Any one song she performed far surpasses anything Trump has done or will do in his tenure, which any sane person hopes against hope is brief.

He may have paid Ms. Franklin’s performance fees on a few occasions, without realizing that she was Black. But she never worked for him.  Who has just the right words for Trump and his latest idiocy?  Lady Mae, looks like it’s up to you.lady-mae