Some preachers will do anything for some media attention. “It’s time for my Click-up, Mr. DeMille.”

How dare journalists call lies “lies.” Journalists who report facts are no more attacking those about whom they report than were the classical Hebrew prophets who told hearers–more often than not, their own people–that immoral behaviors carried consequences.


Gary Click has no business praying publicly at a presidential rally–nor does any other clergy leader from any other branch of Christianity or from any religion. Neither should they be praying publicly at schools, and so on. Then using a would-be prayer as a commercial for his brand of nationalism poorly disguised as Christianity is offensive to all who actually try to pray by the standards of Jesus even though Jesus was a Jew. Just because someone calls an utterance a prayer doesn’t make it a prayer. And what Click spewed off at the rally was not a prayer.

sinclairFurther, Click is no more careful with details than the president he admonished God to protect. Jungle journalism was Upton Sinclair’s coinage sorta kinda wasn’t it? And it won better working conditions for Chicago meat-packing workers, frequently exploited immigrants, and better treatment for the livestock waiting to become someone’s main dish. Health of consumers was improved.