Self-important, Megalomaniac Trump thinks because Aretha Franklin was a woman of color that he can only describe her as someone who “worked” for him.

BUSH FRANKLINIf Ms. Aretha Franklin had not been a person of true greatness who will live on as long as American music has a history, the words of a racist misogynist cad would desecrate.  But he will be forgotten or only recalled when it’s time to laugh at how low a US president who lost the popular vote even with Russia’s excellent help would continually go to remind everyone, mostly himself, how important he is.

She earned her right to be treated and remembered with dignity through raw talent, finely tuned, and uniquely performed from her first performance until her last.  Any one song she performed far surpasses anything Trump has done or will do in his tenure, which any sane person hopes against hope is brief.

He may have paid Ms. Franklin’s performance fees on a few occasions, without realizing that she was Black. But she never worked for him.  Who has just the right words for Trump and his latest idiocy?  Lady Mae, looks like it’s up to you.lady-mae